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    I'm considering upgrading to a Treo, assuming I can get a good "trade in" price for my Visorphone. I see $399 for the b/w version, and $599 for the color version. Is the extra $200 really worth it for color?

    I own a Prism and LOVE the Prism's color, mostly for the brightness/easy readability of it. Programs and pictures in color are also nice, but it is the readability that still makes me feel the Prism is better than the M505 or Clie.

    But $200 price difference just to get color? Sheesh!
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    I would hope that for a price differance like that it cooks me breakfast and does my laundry. Maybe it will have other features too?

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    Handspring has ben VERY tight lipped about the new color screen. It could be very well worth it as it COULD be a new technology...
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    Everything I've heard (from reading and talking to friends of friends who work at HS) suggests that the color screen on the Treo will be something entirely new, and blow the doors off the Prism, the M505, and the iPaq. If that's true, I'd say the $200 is definitely worth it, for me.

    I think ultimately, though, more people will go for the monochrome. That's why it's important to get that one out the door first.

    Personally, I just can't wait to get my hands on one of these things. I really believe Hawkins is on the right track when he says that communications are the 'killer apps' of the mobile computing future.
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    Any idea when the color Model will be released in 2002?

    I think the color model will be the more popular once its price comes down to earth. Actually, most PDA/Tech publications say that most people want color in their PDAs now, which explains the huge popularity of the m505 over the m500.
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    If the rumors about the Color 3o screen being new technology are true, I'm hoping that means that Handspring will utilize that technology for a new color Visor. I don't care if it has the Edge's form factor. Heck, it would be fine if it had the VDx's form factor (thinner than the VPr). Just give us another color Visor model, Handspring!

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