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    I plan on swapping out my VDX (please see ) and I'm thinking if I hotsync first, trade the unit in, and have "the "update handheld from desktop" checked and the "include all transactions" I can do a thorough restore.

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    That would probably preserve most of your data, but possibly not all the apps.

    I would grab something like Filez or a similar file browsing utility and use it to set the backup bit of everything on your Dlx (Filez provides a menu option to globally set the backup bit).

    Then hotsync, go trade in your unit and bring the new one back. In the Hotsync manager, set all the conduits to Desktop overwrites Handheld, pop the new Visor in the cradle and sync.

    Then you should be all set to go with your new Visor.
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    Thanks for the info, doing it now. Filez has been installed, and used, for sometime now. I did not know about the global backup bit.

    Seems to be going pretty fast but it seems that some of the apps (quicksheet, remote, mcphling fir instance) were not backing up.

    I'm thinking I best re-visit the settings after restoring the new unit.

    I will copy the sub on my hdd to another location just in case I bugger up the backup I'm doing now.

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    New one up and running. The apps (so far) are intact. I'll check the beam Monday or as soon as I can find a PalmOS device user around.


    Anyone need a USB cradle? Fry's forgot to keep theirs :-(

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    I had a problem with TinySheet. The registration code had a error because of a new device and I had to e-mail them for a new code.
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    I could use a usb cradel.


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