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    I'm starting to run out of room, and I'm considering buying an 8MB Flash Module. Is it possible to run apps from a Flash Module? If so, do they run noticeably slower?

    Also, how well do the DataQuake Modules work? Are the LED and vibrating alerts effective or just gimmicky?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    I am under the impression that if you have a Visor with the slower processor you can only store files on the flash module. You must have enough free room in your ram, or the module, to allow you enough 'elbow room' to copy things back and forth between the module and your internal memory. I believe that with the faster processor (ie Prism) you are able to run prc files and read/write to pdb files on the flash module. I am not sure if this is right. Can someone verify? I am considering a DataQuake module for the vibrating alarm (my friend's m505 makes me jealous), and the 2meg would be a welcome addition to my Pro. I can't see paying the money for the 2 meg if I can only copy stuff to and from the flash though, I would rather archive it using PZ if I get desperate for free space.
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    The Deluxe and Solo will run PRC files from the module just fine.
    You just can't store .pdb files there that need to be updated or
    the Visor will crash. For about the same money, you can get a
    memplug module that takes SmartMedia or CompactFlash cards
    to use for storage and using PiDirect, you can run apps off the
    card. You still need to have enough free ram available to run
    whichever app you want. It copies the file to ram and runs it, then
    deletes it when you're done.
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    I have a 16MB Flash Module. All PRC files run on it with no impact on speed and no need to have available memory on the Visor side. I currently have about 50 programs on the flash and have never had a problem.
    The only caution is regarding the PDB files, as mentioned above, if you have them on the flash and try to edit, it will crash.
    For most programs the PDB is small, the PRC is what eats 99% of the available memory.
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