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    I got a Palm m505 and a 32 MB SD card for Xmas and I need help with it.

    I have heard and read about several programs to make the memory card more useful. It seems that PowerRun will do it all but people say that they also use other programs such as MS Mount or McFile with PowerRun. MS Mount seems to be a utility to move files from main memory to the card but PowerRun says that it will only run apps from the card if ther were moved to the card by PowerRun.

    Please clue me in as to what really works.
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    Ahhh the SD/MMC non-simplicity..'

    Well as for me i use MegaLauncherVIP with McFile with MSMount, and i also use FastCPU.

    So far its going well. (knock on wood).

    As for powerRun I havent tried it cause eveything works ok now (knock on wood).

    And i am scared to screw everything up by adding something.

    If you dont want to use powerRun try my set up.

    Also remember to update some of your old programs cause alot of the ones i used are now memory expansion compatible. (read the card).

    Well that all i can think of....but if there is anything else just ask....i hope i helped.
    Hey baby before we start do you mind if we use my M505?
    No not for that!!!!!!!!!!
    Use it to reffer to PalmaSutra, silly???????
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    I use LauncherIII with McFile as a file management utility. So far everything works fine.

    You might want to look into PiDirectVFS as well if you don't want to use a launcher with VFS support. It does the same thing as PowerRun and MSMount (moving apps to the card and run it from there).
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    Thanks for the information. I have gone with McFile and Launcher III. So far so good. I also found this site also very helpful:


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