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    I had been using a Jaybird JB-200 set for just over a year with good results. I was able to get a good fit, even with eye glasses, and was able to get good sound while listening to music. Last week the left channel on the Jaybirds died, leaving me with a bulky right-ear only headset.

    Has anyone with a Centro used it with Softick Audio Gateway and the HBH-IS800 or the Backbeat 903/906? I tried to get my Centro to pair with the HBH-IS800 in the Sony Style store without success. Now I am looking into the Altec Lansing Backbeat 903/906.
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    First the good news. Both headsets were able to pair with my Centro and Softick Audio Gateway (with some tweaking). I am using Pocketunes for music and Kinoma Player for streaming Internet radio (Bloomberg Radio for news).

    Out of the box, the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 had to be charged up for at least 3 hours and the Altec Lansing 906 for 1 hour to get the initial pairing.

    I had high expectations for the SE sound based on the in the ear canal design. I am a person that cares about sound quality. They are definitely tinny in sound quality, no matter how I shift the buds in or by holding them in different positions in my ear. Although in stereo, they would best be described as slightly better sound than that coming from a small portable AM radio speaker. Definitely lower in sound quality versus the Jaybird JB-200 set that I have. By using the Pocketunes equalizer, I got slight improvements, but if boosted too much, the sound distorts. Since Kinoma Player does not have bass or treble controls, the sound stayed tinny.

    Since the Altec Lansing and Jaybird sets have similar designs, I thought it would be easier to get a good fit with the AL. I had expected the in-ear-canal design of the SE would give better sound and the open ear design of the AL to weak on the bass without a good fit (meaning good sound directed into the ear). In the day that I have had them, I cannot get a good fit, BUT they sound great! The sound when playing music was tight on the notes, yet full in overall sound. The bass was better than the Jaybird, which required a very good fit to get decent bass.

    I am still learning how the controls work, but for music, they are prety simple. Because the pause/play button is on the outer right ear bud, I keep inadvertantly tapping it and pausing or playing the music while putting on and adjusting the ear piece. Hopefully, once I get a good fit and get used to putting them on, this will no longer be a problem. Another work around would be to put them on first before starting up Pocketines or Kinoma Player.

    I have not tried these headsets for making phone call yet so I will report back when I do.
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