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    Holy cow! There's a lot of functionality in there!!!

    Is there a condensed version of the tome they call the reference manual?

    Any usergroups? I'll be checking Yahoo groups. Anywhere else?
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    There's a yahoo group that the author regularly monitors and posts too. The group is a wealth of information.

    Read the PDF manual that comes with Datebk4. Chances are that if you're trying to do something and can't figure it out, the answer is in there.
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    My advice with DB4, start slow and don't worry that you're not using all of it. As you get the hang of it you will slowly being to take advantage of all that functionality. If you let it "sink in," you'll kinda be in CESD's head when you really start digging around--you'll understand the logic behind the program.

    have fun!
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    Thanks... found the Yahoo group.

    I've been using Palm OS units since forever... still have my Palm 1000 with the Pro upgrade in my desk here at work. I can't believe I've never loaded this software!

    The first 15 pages of that .pdf file have been a huge help. Just seeing the screens with the explanations on what everything is and where to set the preferences has been invaluable.

    I've also just loaded DayNotez. Talk about a big pill to swallow! It's like I just got the Visor for the first time! All the excitement!

    I'm all tingley!!! (no, not really)
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    You should also check out the DateBk Cookbook.
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