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    You MUST get McFile (Handango).

    You may like MSMount (allows databases on the card to appear in the RAM to the Visor)

    Filez is good freeware...but McFile (old version) is also freeware.

    Launcher III is great launcher which allows you to make data files into launchable all my HanDBase files appear in the launcher and I just tap on them....this is great since I have a 128 MB CF card and often forget just what books and things I have

    PowerRun...if you still need it...I use MSMount for the datafiles and put the appl files on the CF card to get the same effect...even though I registered PowerRun

    StubMaker...allows you to create "stubs" for programs you keep on your CF card but sync via a conduit (available on the MemPlug Yahoo group)
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    Hey Everyone,

    Below is a little info (from the FlashAdapter forum) on a upcoming version of CardBackup by jkWare. If it's as good as expected, it may be a great choice to backup to CF cards with the FlashPlus adapter.



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    From: "Gould, Paul" <pauljulian@e...>
    Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 4:00 pm
    Subject: RE: [flashadapter-forum] Re: Kopsis software w/Backup utility in future upgrades?

    Having been one of the beta-testers, I can say without qualification that
    the CardBackup software will rock your world! It's painless, and very

    Just thought I'd toss that in....


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    From: stccb [mailto:stccb@p...]
    Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 1:50 PM
    Subject: [flashadapter-forum] Re: Kopsis software w/Backup utility in future

    An update . . .

    I emailed jkWare about their upcoming update to CardBackup and here
    is their reply:

    "Yes the next version of Cardbackup will support the VFSHelper by

    It should be released *very* soon. Were in the final stages of beta


    Can't wait to try it out.

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    > Thanks!!!!
    > Scott
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    > wrote:
    > > On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 04:44:03PM -0000, stccb wrote:
    > > > Are there plans to include a backup utility (like the Memplug
    > offers)
    > > > with the Kopsis software that ships with the FlashPlus? If it
    > in
    > > > the works, will it be considered an update, or a stand-alone
    > program
    > > > with a separate cost?
    > >
    > > jkWare now has a version of their VFS CardBackup software in beta
    > testing
    > > that works very well with the FlashAdapter. When released, it
    > be
    > > available in a free version that provides basic backup and restore
    > > capabilities. Users will also be able to purchase a "full"
    > that
    > > provides additional features such as scheduled backups and
    > individual file
    > > restore.
    > >
    > > --
    > > Dave Kessler
    > > President - Kopsis, Inc.
    > > <>
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    Originally posted by stccb
    Below is a little info (from the FlashAdapter forum) on a upcoming version of CardBackup by jkWare. If it's as good as expected, it may be a great choice to backup to CF cards with the FlashPlus adapter.
    I am also a beta tester, though I've stopped using it b/c I'm trying to live CF free in preparation for my neo treo (and it hurts, it hurts). CardBackup is one of the things that makes it hurt not to have a CF card--automatic backups every night, fast restores. The thing even keeps track of individual files and lets you see if they're identical to the visor--or which one is newer. Individual file restores and backups....

    *sigh* It's really nice.

    Oh well.. I guess I'm going to have to get backupbuddy once the Treo arrives. Poor me.
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    Well, thought I'd post a list since I just pared my visor down to the essentials:

    • DateBK4
    • DiddleBug
    • WordSmith
    • Vindigo
    • AvantGo
    • BigClock
    • HandyShopper 2.1
    • iSilo
    • Mapopolis
    • My Bills
    • SplashID
    • SplashMoney
    • SplashPhoto
    • thinkDB2
    • AlwaysOn
    • DBiced
    • KeyBoard
    • X-Master (& hacks:Afterburner, Clock Pop, Crash, DiddleBug ScreenCap, McPhling, MiddleCaps Hack, TapPad Driver)
    • Z'Catalog--why hasn't anyone mentioned this yet? It's cheap, fast, and although it doesn't read VFS cards, sometimes you don't want a file manager to...
    • ChessGenius
    • DopeWars
    • Hearts
    • SFCave
    • Traffic
    • Vexed
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    Originally posted by stccb
    Hey Everyone,

    I know this question has probably been asked before, but new software is always being developed, so I figured I would ask again.

    My Current set-up:

    Visor Deluxe w/Palm Desktop 4.0.1
    QuickOffice 5.6.3
    FlashPlus & 32MB Compact Flash (both on order)

    I am looking for Scheduling Software that is more advanced than the Datebook+ that ships with the VD.

    Other organization, back-up, and utility software recommendations would also be helpful, especially software to use with the FlashPlus module.


    Look at Action Names:
    I found this product especially useful. ALso, there's some freeware for alarm sounds if you want some variety:

    Not sure what else you're looking for, but there's plenty of stuff out there. Good hunting!

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    WordSmith is brilliant, except for not being able to handle HTML, but as an edoc reader it is great and (though I've never actually had reason to use it as such) it can also be used as a pretty good text editor.

    DateBook4 is also useful, if a trifle complex.

    For alarms, I find Cesium better than BigClock. BigClock has much more functionality, but is less reliable (which, let's face it, is what matters with an alarm).

    But I would like to take this opportunity to draw the attention of people in Europe (specifically England) to two applications which I personally find invaluable. The first is HandStory, which I use to download 1:25,000 walking maps off (just right click inside the map on your PC).

    The second is specific to a non-driver such as me (American readers please excuse this bit of European excentricity): a German program called HAFAS which can be used in conjunction with a feature called Personal Timetable provided by the website of German Railways. This allows you to download timetables for railway and bus routes all over Europe and interrogate them in a most sophisticated manner. I can't recommend it too much. For details visit the link below.

    This link takes you to the query page for requesting a timetable download (I recommend using the email service) and it also has a link to a software download. The program shows up on the Visor as "Fahrplan", which is German for Timetable, but the information will all be in English.
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    I'd be lost without

    Hacks - Popup Notes & TapPad
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