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    I need a program for a business in which I am responsible for keeping track of man hours on particular jobs. I'm not necessarily interested in keeping track of my own hours, but of the hours of the men that my company employs. The program would have to allow for multiple entries and preferably sync to my laptop/desktop for back-up purposes and to print up hard copies.

    Any ideas?

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    there are a few diff programs out there that do this (for instance All Time by i tried a bunch of them and then i realized that i really just needed something to track time on multiple jobs and that the rest of the stuff (calculating money, invoices, etc.) could be better handled by other programs.

    i use Tik Tok to keep track of time:

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    see or and the like.

    search for "project management". found a bunch of such apps before. I like Progect, yes with a "g", for timeline management.

    I remember seeing one that can tracj the time (and costs) of your people. If I'm not mistaken it was called ProjectPunch or similar.

    Some are freeware, most are shareware.

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