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    Hi folks,
    Why am I having so much trouble finding an inexpensive 1600 mAh replacement battery for my Treo 680? The phone has reached it's end of life. Manufacturers should be looking to dump them. I'll probably not use mine more than another year, probably less. But my declining battery life has me interested in a replacement batter. The 755p batteries are downright cheap at $15 new in many places. But the 750/680 batteries are typically $45. What gives?
    -- Josh
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    Don't know how much you consider a lot, or how much you're willing to spend, but the Seidio 2400 battery gives fabulous battery life, and actually makes the 680 a bit easier to grip. Easily lasts two days of normal use, and lots of web-surfing.
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    Hmm....gotta try that Seidio battery
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    Well, refused to get ripped off, so went to eBay. Found 2100 mAh replacement Treo 680 battery with the replacement jumbo back door for $7.99 plus $5.99 shipping from Hong Kong for a tidy $14 total. Arrived late last week, it's just great. Now Treo 680 holds charge well over 24 hours for first time in ages. Back door is silver, so even though it doesn't match the nice red color of the Treo, it does match the other accent color of the model, silver.

    Perfect solution. There are cheap replacement batteries after all!
    -- Josh
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    I've got both the Seido 1600 and 2400. They're both great. The 1600 will last all day with the phone turned on, and with the 680 being used mostly as a PDA.

    I did have a problem with my original 2400, though, because at one point it swelled up a little and developed a bulge. Seido did replace it without a question, though, since it was still in the warranty period.
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