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    Tring to make SwitchHack work. I can't get squat w/ it. I'm using Hackmaster and SwitchHack is enabled. I drag my stylus up from the graffiti area and I get graffiti help (duh, that's my setup) but can't figure out how to get SwitchHack to do a thing.

    I have read the .txt file and have been to their web page and re-read it in .html format. I'm not stupid, I'm special!

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    nevermind, I got it.

    I tried to delete this thread but was denied. hmmm, not my night I guess.
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    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    Get the 2.xx version of McPhling. It is much better then switchhack (I've used the both - and others.
    The 3.xx versions of McPhling are now shareware and support VFS, but the 2.xx versions were/are free.

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