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    I have an AT&T branded Treo 650 which I recently got them to unlock.

    I'm in Taiwan right and I purchased a SIM from a local telephone company.

    Everything works except the Caller ID. Whenever I get a call it says "No Caller ID."

    I verified with another friend's phone (not a Treo) that the caller ID should work, but my Treo isn't displaying it.

    So I'm wondering, is this a Treo setting (or is there an app that might help?). Or is this a telephone company incompatibility issue?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Hmmm, I travelled Asia and used SIM card local to the country, I see their caller ID. I don't remember having to set any setting.
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    ^ Thanks! For some reason a hard reset did the trick. I'm not even sure why. But now it all of a sudden works.

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