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    I just got a new Visor and would be interested to know of recommendations for sotware I should download. Specifically, I am looking for a map/driving directions program, a word processing program that is compatible with Word, and any games, utilities or other neat features you have found that you can't do without.

    Thanks for the help.
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    For maps, I use Mapopolis. It doesn't give directions and the maps take up a lot of space. Mapquest will let you sync directions onto your Visor, but you must enter the departure and arrival locations into your computer each time you want to go somewhere (unless you want to go on the internet from your Visor, but that's another story). I deal with the size of the maps by running them off an SD card in my Palm m505.

    For the Word Processor you'll probably want Bluenomad's Wordsmith. It syncs with Word, and has so many features you may just eschew using Word altogether (you'll want a Stowaway Keyboard to do that). I use PrintBoy which can be added for $5 to the Stowaway's price or purchased separately to print via the IR port to printers with IR ports.

    Have fun with your new toy/productivity device

    Added minutes later, along with some stuff above: I forgot games and other little programs. Bejeweled and 3D Star Fighter Pilot are fun. Noah Lite is a great dictionary that uses a lot of memory (it's on my card too). Get X-Master to run hacks, it's freeware.
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