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    I am attempting to bring my employer into the 21st century (drag them that is). I wonder if software is available that can help?

    In the manufacturing department where I work as a manufacturing engineer, we build many 'widgets'. These widgets require the following to build:

    1) A kit of parts
    2) An Engineering drawing
    3) A work Instruction
    4) Optionally a work guide with pictorials detailing the assembly steps.

    I would like to outfit the assemblers (and inspectors) with visors and, as a minimum, be able to eliminate paper copies of the work instructions and if possible, the work guides and paper drawings.

    Our work instructions list each assembly step and inspection/test steps. Each step has an area to record the time, the employee number and the date completed. I would have to maintain this information.

    The scenario I dream of goes like this:

    1) The operator picks up a kit
    2) Operator loads work instruction, work guide and drawings onto Visor via IR from network
    3) Operator fills in assembly serial number
    4) Operator signals when step is started and when it is complete and the software keeps track of time.
    5) The work instruction is saved to the network
    6) During test/inspection, the inspectors/testers load the work instruction and documentation and complete their tasks.

    Only after the assembly is complete would a paper copy be printed if necessary.

    I would also like the ability to link some of the data recorded to other databases. This would allow the area managers to see at a glance what the status of an assembly is. No more tasking people to get an accurate status on a daily basis (which can take all day).

    So, my question: Is there a database program that I can customize enough to do what I want? There are a few out there that indicate they may be a good choice, but I hate to go through them all to find a suitable one.

    Thanks in advance of your help!

    Steve McBride
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    Hi Steve,

    Take a look at ThinkDB and DBSync. <> I think the combination will meet most of your needs. I believe that you can even embed Eyemodule2 images into the records themselves.

    I am an Abrasives Specialist for an industrial distributor, so I am somwhat familiar with what you are trying to do. You may also wish to have a look at the CSM150 Barcode reader from Symbol to cut down on the operator input.

    I used all of these things recently to create a point of use system for one of my customers to "automate" the reporting of tools used. It was easy to setup and works great. We now have collection data from 3 Visors that update one Access database.

    Feel free to EMail me if I can help you...


    Steve (8C>
    Steve (8C>
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    Another possibility might be with PUMATECH's Satellite Forms product.

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