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    I'm a registered user of Shadow Plan but after discovering a rather nasty bug over the weekend, I've decided to jump ship for a more reliable program (and/or a more sympathetic developer).

    I am presently testing Bonsai, which seems pretty solid, and I would appreciate any feedback people have on the program.

    Also, what are other options available. Please keep in mind that I prefer (need, really) a desktop conduit. So this rules out, I believe, Thought Manager.

    For those interested in my Shadow experience, here's what happened:

    1. Been registered for about 6 months. No problems.

    2. Was recently trying the desktop conduit.

    3. Had a rather long Plan laid out (about 10 printed pages).

    4. During Hotsync, the sync hung up on the "syncing Shadow" screen and crashed.

    5. Though my plan was visible on the handheld it could not be opened. I tried everything (duplicating it, renaming it, etc.). Nothing worked. Thankfully, I still had the desktop copy in the conduit.

    6. Tried to delete the handheld version. Wouldn't delete.

    7. Renamed the conduit version and synced again. File did not transfer.

    8. Emailed tech support with problems and over the course of about 3 days and 6 emails, determined this:

    a. this "sometimes happens"
    b. just keep deleting the handheld file. for some reason, it sometimes "sticks". (i ended up deleting 8 times and it finally was gone.)
    c. unless I register the desktop (an extra $10 or something like that), I cannot synch the file back from the desktop to the handheld.

    To this I say "forget it!". In my opinion, it was the new desktop conduit that caused the prob in the first place (never ever had this happen before downloading the conduit). I hate when companies expect us to pay for software in order to try its features. If the developer wants us to properly evaluate the product, put a time limit on it. If the thing works as stated, I will purchase (this is exactly how they got me to register the handheld version). However, I'm not gonna throw money at him to fix a problem that he created with his "upgrade" (the desktop conduit)--a problem that basically undid my hard work.

    Anyway, opinions on other "brainstorming/outlining" software is appreciated.


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    I'm thisclose to giving up on Shadow because it's slow on larger outlines. There's a workaround involving breaking it into smaller outlines that actually provides some extra advantages, but I prefer one big outline.

    I'm starting to prefer Progect, which should have a desktop complement out shortly. I don't recall the site, but a quick search on the usual sites should get you there.

    I forgot about Bonsai. Have to check that one out.

    Good luck!
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    My vote is for Bonsai. I eval'ed it, but balked at the price. I am using shadow right now, but only for smaller outlines. Others such as Brain Forest fall short of Shadow/Bonsai feature set

    The project desktop app is news to me. What is the timetable for it?
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    It's actually already out in beta. There's also a progect yahoo group, which the developer, Laurent, is always on.
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    I initially gagged on the Bonsai price also, but having used it for six months now I think it's a bargain. I registered BrainForest and Shadow also and have deleted both of them. I keep long to-do lists and checklists on mine, and need that desktop element. I've gotten several major upgrades from the developer, all free. If there's a better outliner out there I'd like to know about it.
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    I like Progect. The website is here.

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