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    Kind of a FYI for any Treo 300 users still out there.

    My Treo 300 had been experiencing some serious signal failure issues in "good" coverage areas. So I attempted to "swap" to a spare T300 I had on hand. The spare had much better signal strength and they were able to activate the phone side OK but they couldn't get it to provision the data (Vision) service (update profile).

    I spent two days on the phone with Sprint Techs (who went far and above the call of duty repeatedly attempting to provision, provision,provision.) and I had the treos checked out at a Service/Repair center and was told there was nothing they could do. Previously I thought we could "manually" create individual vision accounts on the phone (Username/Password etc.)... another call to Sprint and attempts to manually "fix" the problem that way failed too.

    Just wondering if there are any Treo 300 users still out there and if they'd had any recent good/bad experiences with "swapping" in the recent past.

    With some TLC and a battery change ever couple years they have served me well. I've upgrade to the Treo 600 this week (still uses the 300's sync/charge hardware) and am glad to be rid of the flip lid (yet still not happy there is nothing protecting the screen) plus I'm happy to have a "full" Web Browser again (Such as Blazer 3 can be) that can allow so many things I've missed out on, having only used EudoraWeb (text only) since my Nweb browser stopped working long ago.

    So to any T300 people still out there... watch out Sprint is coming for you!
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    I'm always shocked when I hear ppl are still using the Treo 180 / 270 / 300 phones. I thought all of the flips would have cracked by now.
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    Man, I remember the old T300 very well. Only 8 years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigredgpk View Post
    I'm always shocked when I hear ppl are still using the Treo 180 / 270 / 300 phones. I thought all of the flips would have cracked by now.
    True enough. I made it this long because I changed the battery as needed and in part because this forum and others "warned" me that the lid would crack/fail.

    During the battery swaps or after a significant "drop"... I'd inspect the lid hinges and with some careful use of Elmer's Glue... I was able to prevent minor cracking from developing into a full blown hinge failure. Having the "spare" T300 also allowed for a swap out if/when the speaker failed from poor contact. (Somehow fixed during the "swap")

    All this talk of the amazement of seeing T300s... I wonder if there are any Sprint Digital Link/VisorPhone users still out there.

    With the likelihood of non-recharging batteries and relying on ,pre-Vision, Wireless Web service I'd say probably not... but there might just be a couple of "Crazy" people out there left wanting a "funky" looking phone...

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