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    I am about to lose my mind. I was just remarking last week on how happy I was that I have yet to scratch my centro and that it was very clean. Well, fast forward a couple days and somehow it's filthy! There is a black line in the indented part around the screen, and around the entire perimeter of the phone, and also around the part where the stylus comes out. I've googled it for 2 days now with no answers. I've tried windex, rubbing alcohol on a q-tip, an eraser.. I don't know what else to do but it's driving me insane. I can't stand when things are dirty!! HELP!!!!

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    I am not sure what could be wrong... take it to a Palm support store, let us see what they say.
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    Good Luck with that. That is the first I've ever heard of it happening the way you describe it.

    I'd take it in as ajayacharya 250 suggested.

    Good Luck
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    Did you get a new pair of pants recently?

    Odd question, I know. But I had once worn a new pair of jeans without washing them first & there was just enough moisture in my pocket from sweat that it made all those loose particles of the jeans collect in all the crevices of my phone. Big pain to get rid of them all, too.

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