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    Broken keyboard: Can I assign the keylock (keyguard?) to the button under the volume up/down?

    Turning the phone on/off (or calling it from another phone) to get past the lock is getting a bit stale {chuckle}

    I need some *down time* to not be rushed & screw up the keyboard repair,
    so I’m looking for a software patch in the interim.

    I presume most of the PalmOS Treos will use the same shortcuts as my 650…

    Preferences/buttons/Press+HoldSide Button/ (?? then??)

    Or is there an app / work around ?

    I finally dropped my 650 from the right angle, while juggling house keys at night (thank Gawd for all the protection the neoprene skin’s give this gadget!) ….. did I mention something about being too stressed?… =)

    Thanks kindly!
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    First I want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly before I go thru all the work of explaining how to do it:

    Are you saying that the red button works to turn on the screen, but the center button is broken, so you cannot unlock the keyguard?
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    Clarification: None of the keyboard keys work.

    There are no jammed keys preventing the others from responding.
    The only functional buttons upon this Treo 650 are the:
    volume up/down & the button below the volume.
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    Ehh, then I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't believe there's a way to redirect the 'wake' away from the red button/hard keys.

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