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    I want a hack (or an app?) that will keep my Visor Deluxe from powering on w/ any button other than the power button.

    There is one, I can't remember the name but it requires you to power on to hotsync.

    Looking for suggestions.

    Problem is that the app buttons power the unit on inadvertantly in the soft case.

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    You're looking for Stay Off hack.
    I used it on my deluxe for exactly the same reason.
    Well worth the $5 registration fee.
    Very stable and always played well with other hacks.

    StayOffHack at palmgear

    BTW, the author has a beta version for Prisms and Platinums (don't know about neos and newer. Handspring changed the hardware and he couldn't quite duplicate the full functionality with the newer devices (they will still turn on if the buttons are pressed for 30 seconds or so). It is avaliable by request (to the author, not me.

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