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    I have the 'Disable PiDirect during hotsync' button checked on my visor, I would like to free up some memory and place other programs on the card, but these are programs that sync (Quickoffice, BugMeMessenger,HanDBase, Pkt Quicken) anyone been brave enough to try this with these or similar programs on the card? I'm too chicken to try! Thanks,
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    I've don't use the same apps you do but I have used my memplug in the syncing mode before. At first by accident, I once noticed that my sync time seemed to have increase, some way I enabled it by mistake. I never had a problem with it, but I just have simple things like games and ebooks on my memplug for the time being. I keep important apps i.e. office apps on my visor just in case I actually find another module I can use. You may want to download PiVFSmgr from the memplug site. Pidirect is read only and VFS allows you to write to your card. So hot syncing with only Pidirect I don't think will work with apps like QuickOffice. Another solution is to download stubmaker form the memplug user group on yahoo. It claims to fool your visor into thinking external apps are in internal memory so you can sync them. Then you may not need to enable pidirect during hotsync. The last thing I can think of is download quickstart from palmgear. quickstart is suppose to allow you to easily run quickoffice from external memory as well as store all quickoffice files on the card as well. Check it out to see if it will allow hotsyncing to.
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    I may try it, after a backup, of course, but I just wanted to put the apps on the card, not the data files, I knew that would be a problem. THanks,

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