I'am currently having a problem with FastCPU.
Has anyone here installed FastCPU on there Visor Deluxe without any problems?
The problem im having is that the screen flutters/flickers.

about 2 weeks ago i installed FastCPU and it was running fine. I overclocked SilverScreen to about 24 and everything was running fine except 1 soft reset.

Then yesterday i i wanted to start fresh again so i did a Hard reset on my Visor and from there on FastCPU is giving problems with the screen Flicker and i even had to soft reset my Visor about 4 times in a row =X

I e-mailed FastCPU about the problem and this is what they had to say
"Sorry to say but this is a hardware problem of Visor Deluxe and it is not
solved in
current FastCPU release. Try different video modes (I mean b/w and
different grayscales).

So is anyone having the same problems?

Thank you