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    I'm using Afterburn hack and it's working well on my Visor Deluxe. How do I keep from overclocking my Clock+ app? I have tried to adjust the speed w/ the "Speeds" button and have tinkered w/ the Default pulldown settings.

    When the alarm in Clock+ sounds, it's overclocked and the alarm goes fast. Real fast. I want to slow the alarm down and keep everything else overclocked.

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    What hack manager are you using? If you're using one that lets you turn off hacks for certain applications, turn off hacks for clock+

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    In Afterburner, you should be able to change the speed in the "Speeds" menu, where you evidently already looked. Set Clock+ to "Norm."
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    Got it. A check in the "Adjust ticks" box works.

    I broke down and read the directions. A couple of times.

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    Oh--the instructions. : )

    I had "Adjust Ticks" checked and didn't think of that.

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