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    The best font that I've found for use with Wordsmith (thus far) is called SmallCaps, but it has certain limitations on my Prism:

    1) It's all capital letters
    2) It doesn't respond to changes such as color, italics, bold,etc

    The reason I continue to use it is because it's small enough to display much more text on screen simultaneously. Since I use Wordsmith primarily for songwriting, I hate scrolling, and want to see as much onscreen as possible without having to squint. (I do realize that there are *really tiny* fonts available, but I can barely make out what they display.)

    So can anyone point me to a font that is approx the same size as Small Caps, that has both upper and lower case letters, and responds properly to color, italics, bold, etc?

    I'd really appreciate your help!

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    I don't have SmallCaps but with the latest version of Wordsmith, you can convert system, perhaps Smallcaps as well, into finetype fonts. The finetype font would look the same as the system font but you would be able to change attributes like color, size, boldness, and italization.

    You convert system fonts to finetype fonts using a program called FineType Manager which comes with WS 2.1. This program is on your Visor.

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    I converted a BeOS TrueType font (Swis721 BT) to use on WordSmith. :-)
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    Is it still the case that the true-type fonts don't display on the old (but much venerated) VDX?

    I have WordSmith and love it, but have felt left out in not being able to view the fonts.

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    Originally posted by Juggler
    felt left out in not being able to view the fonts.
    I have no problem using FineType fonts on my VDx. I've converted about 6 typefaces for use on the Visor. What's not available are high-resolution fonts and font smoothing.
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