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    While on vacation I fell and my keys came in contact with my centros screen..which in turn left a lovely rainbow of colors and I cant see the screen. Unfortunately, I didnt have my mediacard in the phone and it will not sync to the palm desktop software

    I have to turn this phone into work for a new one but have over 130+ pictures on it...does anyone know of another way to transfer the pictures to a computer??? also I have contacted Palm who states I will have to repair the screen at 149.00 which my company will not do nor can I do it because they own the device.

    Thanks so much
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    You mean the pictures on the card? Just use a card reader.. or just wait & put the card back in your replacement Centro.. it'll work just the same.
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    The hotsync would be the best option, do you have another computer you can try installing hotsync manager on? You would have to use the supplied USB cable with the dedicated hotsync button.

    Also, replacing the screen yourself is an option, but you would have to buy the screen or a "bad" centro with a good screen on ebay. It is a bit tricky getting the Centro apart but it is an option.
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    BG is saying that it WON'T sync and the pix were in internal memory.
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    D'oh! I thought it said "unfortunately they're on the media card.."

    Ignore my idiocy.
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    Palm Centro Complete Replacement Screen - Includes LCD and Digitizer: DirectFix: iPhone Service, iPhone Repair, Broken iPhone, iPhone Parts & iPhone LCD

    They have online videos showing how to take your Centro apart and replace the screen. It saved my Centro.

    You might not get your company to pay for it, but if your photos are worth it to you...

    If you can't fix it, you are no worse than you were before with a broke Palm. Might be worth it to try.
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