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    Hello friends.

    I finally got my Platinum online tonight . . . Now what?

    Does anyone know of any way to access my Hotmail/MSN email account in real time? Eudora's mail server doesn't work, and I really do not look forward to playing hit or miss with a bunch of freeware email programs.

    I have MSN as my ISP at home, by the way, so I should be able to download those messages, right?

    Thanks, folks.
    In addition, can someone recommend a web-based email that IS Eudora compliant? THX!
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    I'm not sure what you mean by 'real time'. If you mean a web browser, then I'm not sure which browsers support hotmail currently. Hotmail changes their security scheme so often it's hard to keep up

    If you're interested in downloading to a PC client and then syncing, the is the only solution I know of as it downloads to your inbox. I've haven't kept current on this topic so things may have changed.

    As far as a Palm based hotmail client, I don't know of any. Most Palm email clients are pop3 and do not support hotmail.

    Again, I'm ignorant to any changes that may have occured over the past several months.
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    As best I can tell, Micro$oft has deliberately chosen to make it impossible. (Use Blazer or your desktop browser to go to:
    where it says only Pocket PC powered handhelds can access Hotmail.)

    I can read Yahoo with a browser, so as soon as I finish the PBEM game I'm in, I'm going to ditch hotmail. Besides, I get tons of spam on that account.
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    It used to be free, and I had it set up as an AvantGo channel. Now that they charge, I don't use them, but it works.

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