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    I currently have the 755P. Most important to me in making the switch is being able to transfer everything in my contacts, calendar and anniversary folders to the Pre. I currently use lotus organizer on my desktop and sync to my Palm using intellisync.

    I have about 4,500 contacts to include notes in many of them.

    Does anyone know if I'm going to have any trouble transferring this data? I'd also like to have a similar setup being able to manage this data from my desktop or Pre.
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    I posted today about the Desktop contacts list. The Pre can pull that from Gmail. I do not know about other issues.

    Youtube has a lot of videos of the Pre with running commentary by the posters but few mention your issues. Still, the videos are informative.

    I am getting my Pre in late December. Cannot wait....
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    Risk your contacts... I won't and they'll have to pry my sero 755 from my cold dead hand.
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    I have a Centro. I was twice on the wait list for a Pre in June and passed twice. I love the Pre but it simply would make my life harder. I need calendar categories. I like looking at a month view and pretty much knowing from the categories what I have all month. The Pre's calendar can support multiple calendars but cannot categorize events within a calendar. So, I'd need seven Google calendars to do what my one Palm calendar does now.

    The Pre is cool but for now I'm sticking with Centro. I may pick up a spare Centro on eBay since they're discontinued. I'll go to the Pre if/when they restore the convenience features of Palm OS.

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