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    I have Palm Desktop installed on a remote server which I use Remote Desktop Connection to sync with. Right now, I can only sync my Treo with all of my contacts when I get back to home office (once every few months).

    Is there a way to sync my Treo through Remote Desktop? I know I can make my local drives accessible through Remote Desktop as well as printers but am unsure how to do it with remote desktop. There are about 15 of us that do this and it would make life so much easier as I walk around without an updated calendar or updated contact list.
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    You posted this to the Treo 750 device forum which is a Windows Mobile based device. You must be asking for Palm OS devices like a 700 or 755? The Remote Desktop Connection software you are saying, is that the same as the Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection as in Remote Desktop Connection &#40;Terminal Services Client 6.0&#41;

    I am not sure which one you are referring to.

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