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Dear mrknowitall,

Beginning January 10, 2002, Palm, Inc. will no longer offer the MyPalm™ web portal. All MyPalm web portal services, such as Date Book and Address Book, will cease operation, as will the Date Book Update and Free Time Viewer applications on MyPalm™ mobile portal. All PIM data (everything in your Date Book, Address Book, To Dos, Reminders and Memo Pad) will be permanently deleted from the MyPalm portal and will no longer be accessible.

Until that date you will be able to retrieve data from your Date Book, Address Book and To Dos. Sync your MyPalm account to your Palm OS device or desktop PIM such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Palm Desktop. If you have not already installed the MyPalm Sync software, go to your account and click the word "Sync" on the top toolbar to download the software and to read instructions on how to use it.

After January 10, subscribers to the Palm.Net® wireless service (Palm VII and VIIx users) will still be able to access their web email and Palm.Net accounts by going to

MyPalm members who do not have wireless Palm.Net subscriptions will no longer have "" email accounts, but may retain any emails by forwarding them to another account before January 10. In order to have a web-based email account with Palm you must subscribe to the Palm.Net wireless service.

The MyPalm mobile portal for use on your Palm handheld will still be accessible, and stay tuned for more web tools to help you take advantage of your Palm handheld.

If you have any further questions, you may contact Customer Support.

Thank you,
The MyPalm Team