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    I'm struggling to use PalmVNC to connect with office computer and am was first believing it was a problem with my Palm device. I've got all the router/firewall settings dialed in (I think) and as soon as the Palm completes the connection process (handshaking), the screen goes blank and it reboots. I've done a hard reset as well as reinstalling the app (Ver 2.05 or 2.06). The Centro is new and this is the first third party app to be installed.

    When I do a loopback test from my own PC, I get multiple stacked windows opening up and wonder if that's not what's crashing the Centro. I've tried both Tight VNC and Ultra VNC with similar results.

    Any ideas?
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    Problem resolved - issue was related to VNC server, TightVNC in this case. A display selection was set for a specific window in TightVNC and if that window is minimized, the result is that the Palm reboots.

    Why I don't know, but that's the problem.

    Now to figure out how to exit PalmVNC once the connection is closed, but that's a subject for another thread.

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