I ordered ZenTarot software from PalmGear on July 9. I received the order confirmation email and a seperate email saying that the developer would be sending the registration code. My credit card was charged. Fine, just like z dozen other transactions.

Since then multiple emails to the developer (support@hudren.com) have generated no responses. I used the palmgear "Contact Us" page to report my problem to palmgear 6 times in the past 2 months, and have gotten nothing more than an automated response email (Thanks for question...). I've sent regular emails to "support@palmgear.com", and haven't received anything back. I've sent a couple of emails to pocketgear, since they are the "parent" company of palmgear. Nothing. I've called the palmgear customer support phone number (866-573-4701) and left a message. Nothing. Today I called the corporate office phone number (919-251-6133).

It seems that PalmGear is unmanned and on autopilot, which is fine if no problems pop up.

Anybody have any other suggestions?