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    I'm a long-time Palm user, currently using a TX. It's time for a new phone so I'm strongly considering the Centro. I'm used to the Palm OS, all my contacts will easily copy over, and I have bunches of apps. So, it seems like an easy move.

    My only question is about device RAM. I saw some promo materials that specifically noted that the Olive and Rose Sprint Centros have 128MB of user RAM. However, I cant find reliable info, as to whether the current black model also has been upgraded to 128 MB of RAM. Sprint reps are not reliably certain. Anyone have any definitive knowledge about this? I'd prefer the black Centro, but will take the Olive if it means extra MBs. Thanks.
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    Yes, the black model got upgraded to the 128MB as well. BUT- there's no physical difference between the two versions; they use the exact same casing (no rubberized finish like the Olive/Rose variations). Some misinformed users have made incorrect posts around here based on assumption but I can confirm I've had 4 64MB ones and my sister's had 2 128MB ones (all 6 were black) and I know for a fact that the casing on all of them was the glossy sparkle finish.

    If I were you I'd buy directly from a Sprint store and be sure they let you check out the exact device you'd be buying to confirm the RAM size.. there's a good chance some stores still have some 64MBs mixed in with their newer stock.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll likely be upgrading over the phone with Sprint because of my plan (SERO), but I'll be sure to check the RAM and exchange it, if not a 128 MB model.

    However, your response raises another question for me. You've been through 4 Centros and your sister has had 2. Problems?
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    Not really, I'm just good at not caring. Apparently it's genetic

    Okay, well one replacement was due to the phone going bonkers & forgetting how to make a network connection, but the other 3 replacements were due to water and physical damage.
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    Well, that's somewhat of a relief that it's not the phone, but I feel a little bad about your propensity for destroying expensive electronic devices.

    ALthough I'm not so crazy about trendy colors, I ended up going for the Olive Centro. In addition to the rubberized coating, the keys are also rubberized to the touch, and I found it was easier to type than with the somewhat slicker feeling keys of the black version.
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    Yea, actually now that you mention it, I used to drop my Centro(s) ALL THE TIME (see mention of damage above ) because of the shape and slick finish. Now that I've switched to the 755p (also has rubberized finish) I never drop it. I love how it feels & looks, too.

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