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    Does anyone know if the visor (have a platinum in this case) can be set so that the POWER button is the only one that can turn it on? Default is that any button turns the visor on, I want to know if this "feature" can be turned off?
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    I think there is a pice of software ot thre that will sort of do what you want. its a PRC that does nothing but turn your visor off. if you assign your app buttons to launch this prc instead of notepad or whatever, it would turn on and immediately shut off.

    I am pretty sure this is the ONLY way you could do this.

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    The application in question is not an actual application, but a hack. It's called StayOff. The version you download from palmgear does not work on a VPl but if you contact the author, he will probably send you a good working beta that does the job. You have to use two buttons to turn on your PDA. If you don't push the selected "trigger" button the PDA will come on for a split second and then go back off (can't do it any other way because of the way Visors handle the power function). As far as I know, this is only a problem with Visors running Palm OS 3.5+ . I've been running the beta version on my VPL and it works great.

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    TealGlance has this capability - at least v. 3.23 does. In the Advanced settings, you can disable the Date, Memo, To Do, and Address buttons from powering it on.

    Took me forever to figure out why it wouldn't power on when I hit the Date button.
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    thanks for the help. just what i was looking for

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