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    Help!!! I am new to this, so please do not kill me. What is
    a "hack"

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    A hack is a system extension that provides a feature not implemented in the actual PalmOS itself. They provide a wide range of features such as a better find function (FindHack) to say inverting the screen's backlight (GreenLightHack, or something along those lines), etc. You can find many at

    They should be used with care, and the more you install, the less stable they CAN be. Oh, and you need a program like X-Master (my favorite) to run them. Some are free, others cost money. Most, except for the most complex are free.
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    A hack in the PalmOS world is basically a system extension... something the OS itself should have but doesn't. For example, there are hacks that replace the virtual keyboard that is displayed when you tap the ABC icon. They're a lot like TSR programs back in the days of DOS.
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    I never had any problems with my VDX...lockups and such...until I started using hacks. Now I am sure that some hacks are an unobtrusive as original code...but I finally tossed in the hat, did a hard reset and was done with the hack lifestyle. Six months later my VDX is both trouble and hack free.
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    I am running about 10 hacks and have been doing so for about 8 months. I have never had any problems with resets or errors. I use X-master but also Trapweaver . As already stated, the former allows you to run the hacks while the latter prevents conflicts if more than one hack effects a particular function.
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