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    Greets all -- tried to search the forums but came up empty -- feel free to direct me if I've missed the threads. This seems obvious, so I'm a little sheepish. Gracious guidance is much appreciated

    I would like to be able to edit and maintain a single text file both from my Palm Centro (prefer in internal memory, not on a card), and on my Desktop (Windows XP). My immediate desire is to seamlessly maintain a conversation log, whether I am at my desktop, or away from my desk (using my palm). Other applications are many, including writing, todo-list, etc.

    I've been simply using "memo's" for this, as I can edit the same memo on my desktop ("Notes" in outlook), and on my palm ("memo"). Problems with this:
    1) The "notes" editor in outlook is clunky and awkward, and has no search
    2) The "memo" length is restricted to 32k

    So I think my "ideal" would be to find a combination of 3 things that will work together:
    1) A palm text editor (preferably that stores in plain ascii text format on internal memory) with "search" capabilities.
    2) A synchronization conduit to keep the file current between my PC and my Palm, (whether with true text-merging, or a simple latest-wins approach).
    3) A Desktop editor, that can edit whatever file format the Palm editor creates.

    Does anyone out there edit and maintain a single large text file using both their palm and their desktop? Any wisdom is welcome...

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    Nothing will store in plain ASCII text in a Palm's internal memory; only .prc and .pdb files (both Palm-specific formats) can go there. You could use Documents to Go, which syncs between Palm and PC, though.
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    I was going to suggest Documents to Go. What you're requesting is exactly what it does -- it syncs a Word or Excel document between the desktop computer and the phone.
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