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    The SD memory card in my Treo 650 fell out and got lost. Does anyone know if memory card files are backed up during hot-sync? If so, how do I restore them from my PC?
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    No, it does not unless you use a software to do it or manual copy via external card reader. I know hotsync back up the pictures.
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    What software would you recommend I use to backup my memory card? If I just use a card reader, do I just copy everything to a folder on my PC, then if I lose the memory card again I copy all the files in the folder to a new memory card?
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    Yes, copy via SD card read is the cheapest and practical solution. The only issue is to remember to do it always.

    The software solution is slow first time around, however, if you only have 1 Gig then it should not be that long going forward it depends how much changes you have in your SD card.

    As far as the software, you may have to check whether TealBackup, Resco or BackupBuddy does them.

    I have one but it's a bit finicky and support is so, so. It works when it works and it has some bugs in it. But because I just wanted a set it and leave it type solution, I work with it (not to mention I have paid for it way back then). The software is no longer being enhanced, so be forwarned. The software is Blue Sync by Blue Squirrel. Their support staff does not always answer since they do mostly Apple products.
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    Back up hard drive disks is a great solution for those who have more than 10 gigabites of photos. If you have less than that it would be better to store your data on DVD or CD.

    Remember to always check formats that can become obselete. Add text notes and written notes to remind you what is on your stored disc.

    Organize into files. If a file is huge it is always a great idea to break it down into smaller files that share a similar but not exact same name.

    Housekeeping, indexing is a pain but you will thank yourself later for doing it right.

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