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    I have a question concerning the use of registered software on more than one PDA. Here is what I have.

    I have a CLIE as my Primary PDA. I have a VisorDeluxe as my Backup PDA. I have the CLIE hooked up to one PC and the Deluxe hooked up to another PC. Both PDA's have the same UserName. I did this so I could have both of them virtually identical.

    Both PDA's are mine and mine alone. I do not let anyone use them. I typically only have one of them with me at a time and the Deluxe is mostly used if I am going somewhere and something might happen to my CLIE.

    I have software on both PDA's that I have purchased and only one time. Having the same UserName allows me to use the same RegistrationCode for both PDA's.

    Is this illegal? I would never purchase the software again just to use it on a Backup PDA, but I would hate to be cheating the developer or breaking the law.
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    Generally when you "buy" software, you are actually paying for a license of the software. For instance, with Microsoft products, you agree that:
    1. You don't own anything except the disk/CD it came on
    2. You will only install it on one computer.

    So to answer your question, you'd have to look at the license you agreed to when you "bought" the software. If you have bought software from a small developer, it may or may not have a license, so I don't know what's legal in that case. You could ask the developer what they want you to do, I suppose.
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    Like PDAEnvy said, it depends on the agreement. With some software (although not Microsoft usually), you can install the software on more than one machine- as long as only copy is in use at a time.

    This allows you to install it on a laptop and your main computer so you can use it at home or away- but both are not supposed to be used at the same time. By the same token, you could install it on two different PDAs that you use under different conditions but not at the same time.

    Some licenses allow the purchaser to put the software on any machine they own (unless it is a business or something), which lets a family share the program.

    My experience with shareware, especially from smaller shops, has been that they will usually give you the OK to do it on both if you ask nicely.

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