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    I know you can edit the text messaging/sms contacts from your text messaging/sms app because someone posted how to do it via FileZ and I have done this before.

    For the life of me I can't remember how or find it either thru searching this forum or from Google.

    I have a Sprint 755p. It is the text messaging/sms? screen where you enter their phone number to text someone - there is a way to edit some of those contacts out - can someone point to that link or tell me how to edit those contacts?

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    I can't believe I found it - it is here - maybe this will be useful to someone;


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    Originally Posted by tomp
    Appears the name of the Text Messaging (SMS) file has been changed on the 755p versus what the name used to be on my old Treo 650. Can anyone tell me what the name of this file is on the 755p?

    The file I am referring to is the file where the names/numbers of persons you have Text Messaged are stored. Thanks!

    The name of the file that stores the names and numbers of people you sent text messages to is:


    You can edit this file or delete it with Filez or Resco Explorer......

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