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    Where is Wordsmith 2.1? Bluenomad's press release said it would be out in "late November 2001." According to my m505, today is December 1. Anybody know how long we'll be waiting? I wouldn't expect it until the next weekday, Monday December 3 or later. Also (sorry to shove two topics in one post), does anyone know how to make Bachmann PrintBoy print text in Wordsmith documents centered?
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    Can't speak to the printboy issue-- you can just center it in ws?

    ...I emailed bluenomad and they mentioned they were a bit behind, but I'm guessing it will be within the next week and a half..

    bottom line: Bluenomad is the kind of company that has earned the right to take an extra week to kill bugs.
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    Last I saw on the Yahoo Group for WordSmith, they were in Beta 4 of 2.1, so I would say it is coming soon.

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