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    I bought it, just got home and downloaded it, the trial isn't available because their new server has some sort of limitation they wern't expecting, but a trial will be available when they get this worked out, last I heard, they were only letting people who pre-registered download it now.

    I just hotsynced it, so I'll let you guys know how it is when I play it (probably tommorow)
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    Originally posted by dampeoples
    Go to Palmgear and look into the following:

    Aldon's Crossing - still in beta, but looks like it has promise

    That should get you started
    I just thought I'd mention that Aldon's Crossing, a very good, rather addicting RPG is finally out of beta and in the final release.

    Comes in greyscale and colour versions. I hear the colour version looks very nice. I've only played the greyscale version though.

    Players of the unregistered version are limited to level 4, and can only play the modules that come with the game. Registered users have access to the full game and can also play modules designed by other people.

    There's also a module maker (free download) that lets you create your own modules for others to play.

    Try it out at

    Just a satisfied player...

    Version: 3.12
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    Got up Sunday morning before a fishing trip and registered...
    Game looks very good in color, it's also more complete and has a better interface than the others on my list. Another satisfied player.
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