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    Hey Folks,
    I'm pretty confused about about my email options now that Verizon is not going to let me use my SMTP email address any more. I'm content with VersaMail, so is there an easy way to continue to use VersaMail on my Treo 700p? Is there a free account such as Google mail or something like that which would give me all the settings I need for Versamail? The whole POP/IMAP/SMTP thing has me pretty confused.
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    Yes, there is a simple alternative. If you have a home ISP (cable, DSL, etc) they may now allow outside access to their outgoing mail server. Ask them or check their web site for mail configuratuion settings. They should be the same as what you use for Outlook or whatever mail client you may use. My Road Runner email comes through just fine on my 755P with VM3.54

    If your ISP still restricts access, you can use Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, etc to view all of your email accounts. I have VM set up to access Hotmail and Yahoo Mail as well. Hotmail can get all of my email, even the mail from my Road Runner home account. You'll have to set up the additonal accounts from the Hotmail or Yahoo Mail main sites, but it's pretty simple. Then, just set up VM to access your Hotmail account. Hotmail is now POP-based, so it's even simpler. Those settings are found on the Hotmail site.

    You can also access Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail from the default home screen in Blazer.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks underway! I didn't realize that it was that easy to keep email going on my Treo. I guess this means that I can keep my current email that I've been using, just re-direct it through Google mail- cool.
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