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    I recently bought a Verizon Centro to use for the time being, until the Pre is ready for prime time and comes to Verizon. I used ChatterEmail for the 30 day trial period, and have been happy with it, esp the support for IMAP IDLE and Gmail push. Palm no longer supports Chatter, however, so I can't purchase it from them, and my trial version has stopped working (after 30 days). I'm wondering how and where I might buy a used legitimate copy, for example, from someone who had been running it on a Centro, but has upgraded to the Pre or some other device. Are there any exchanges where Palm users sell used hardware and software to one another?
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    Problem is the license key is locked to your hotsync name.
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    pomal53, do you want to buy a licence or will getting a code that enables full use of the software be good enough?

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