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    This game is available in a trial version from Palmgear. The graphics are pretty ok, and the gameplay is pretty fast, but no instructions came with the program, just an overview? Anybody got it figured out? Wonder what I'm supposed to do with the cars I stole? I just ride around until I get busted.
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    Do you have the full version or just the trial?....I have the trial and i'm having the same problem just hoping that the full version isn't the same..want to get feedback b4 i go out and buy this game. Int he original GTA there was an arrow to point you along your missions, nothing in this trial version.
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    I've got the trial, maybe they'll release the instructions later or something...
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    Actually, if you look in the lower left corner of the screen, you should see three arrows pointing to what I assume are 'mission phones' for each gang (or at least arrows to their respective turfs). Once in an area, the arrow will start to point you to their payphones, and once you get a mission, a larger arrow will point you in the correct direction to complete that mission.

    I like this version, but it seems to be lacking a bit. I'm not sure if I truly want to register it or not. Plus, is it just me, or does the color version seem rather large at 2+ MB?
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    I noticed the pointer after Paint said something about it, 2.5MB is pretty large, I wonder will it work on CF? I havn't registered it yet, I just bought Kyle's Quest II and Serious Sam is also out! Too many cool little time wasters coming out at once!
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    Yes it works off the CF card, I have the full version working great off the CF....

    Serious Sam is also ok...its kinda lacking but by far the best fps for the palm...when you did youhave to go all the way back tot heegining of the level wich is a giant apin in the ***..both the games are good for what they were made for...wastign time...hehehe

    its funny that GTA is bigger than SERIOUS Sam in terms of file size...heheh kinda weird.
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