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    so there was a time when I had a cutesy little personal website. it hasn't been updated in 4 years or so (yet geocities hasn't killed it yet--go figure), and I was thinking I should revive it--or start a new "Bohn family webpage" now that I've got a new Bohn family that I'm a part of (no kids yet and for a while...)...

    ...soo..... I'm lazy. I'm wondering if there is an automated way I can type up blogs when I'm bored, sync, and have them automaticaly (or very close to it) FTP to the website... I've got a win98 box and my programming skills peak at writing batch files for dos apps, but I'm willing to try anything. I'll do a hell of a lot of legwork and intellectual grunting on the front end so it's dead simple (read: my wife can blog via her visor, too) as I use it.

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    not sure if you can do it with your visor, but check out


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