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    I am a BRAND NEW user of a Visor Neo (picked it up last night about 6pm). What software would everyone recommend I download/buy to get the best out of my Neo?

    I want to be able to read webpages, edit Word documents, and play games. *grin* I also want to keep my address book on my Neo and my passwords for my computer.

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    i would recommend the following programs (if there's no url given, check

    1. wordsmith ( - word processor. synchs with ms word.

    2. shadow plan ( - outlining software

    3. thought manager ( - brainstorming software

    4. avantgo ( - read various publications for free (like ny times)

    5. pocket money ( - track finances

    6. diddlebug (drawing program)

    7. handbase - database program

    8. tiktok - multi stopwatch (free)

    9. due yesterday ( - track assignments/projects/classes

    10. whatzup - quick way to view your upcoming appts. (

    11. action names datebook ( - the best replacement for the palm datebook and contact manager

    12. noah lite or pro ( - dictionary

    13. inwatch uninstaller ( - way to track which software left what files on your palm. get this first!

    14. converter ( - great little app for converting just about anything (temperatures, measurements, etc.)

    15. gridlock ( - security program

    16. filez ( - way to track the files on your palm

    17. dopewars (game)

    18. bejewelled (game)

    19. vexed (game)

    20. hackmaster ( - allows you to run "hacks" which enhance the operating system.

    21. these hacks are useful: middlecapshack, clearhack.

    22. tappad ( - graffitti enhancer. works great!

    23. palmasutra ( - the kama sutra for your palm

    24. launcher iii ( - the best launcher available. superb program!

    other people have raved about the following but, as a canadian, they're useless to me. if you're in the usa you might want to check out

    hope this helps. enjoy your new visor!

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    This is a great list, thanks! Yes, I'm in the US, so I'll check out those other two links as well.

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    That was a good list. However there are two in particular to which there are alternatives:

    X-master is superior to hackmaster IMO and is free.
    I use DateBk4 as an alternative to DateBk+ (I haven't tried ActionNames).
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    Originally posted by Jupe
    That was a good list. However there are two in particular to which there are alternatives:

    X-master is superior to hackmaster IMO and is free.
    I use DateBk4 as an alternative to DateBk+ (I haven't tried ActionNames).
    yeah, i haven't had any probs with hackmaster so have had no reason to switch.

    i tried datebk4 and wasn't at all impressed with it. i know many people disagree with me on this one so Dana you should probably check them both out. to me, there is no comparison. action names datebook is the single best piece of software i've bought for my visor. it's followed closely by launcher iii and wordsmith and pocket money, but it's definitely out front.

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    Don't forget Handyshopper 2! You can find it on PalmGear. Bonus: it's free. Use it for shopping lists, christmas lists, travel/packing lists, keeping track of bills, etc.
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    Here is my list of essential software. Rather than list by Program, I will list by category. In each category, the programs are in order of my preference:

    1) Word processing: Wordsmith (highly recommended), QuickWord
    2) Web: Avantgo (if you don't have a modem), Blazer (if you do), BrowseIt!
    3) Games: Bejeweled!, AtomSmash, DopeWars (free), SFCave, Zap!2000, Biplane Ace, pBobble
    4) PIMs: Datebk 4 (Datebook/toDo replacement, highly recommended), SuperNames (Address Book replacement)
    5) Passwords: Yaps (keeps your passwords)

    This is by no means a comprehensive list but I only included those categories you listed.

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    Welcome aboard Dana,
    I'm pretty much a new comer myself also just joining the forum this month. I must say that you have come to the right place for a wealth of information and friendly people.
    As for those must have apps, I'd have to agree with mensachicken. I love action names. It was the first app that made my must have application list. Absolutely love it.

    This is what I recommend for the categories that you listed:

    1. Webpages - If you don't have a modem, your best bet is probably avantgo. You can view webpages off-line.

    2. Word Processor - The going consensus seems to be Wordsmith, make sure you give your self a chance to learn the app, at first I didn't but, volcanopele pointed out some good features for me.

    3. Address book - As you already know, your visor has a built in address book, but I would definitely give ActionNames a try.

    4. The only password app I have tried is E-Wallet, being it's the only one I've tried I can't say that it is the best, but it's alright.

    Oh and Dana, just in case you don't know, you can give all of this software a 30 day free test drive by downloading it from That way if you don't like, get rid of it. If you do, buy it.

    As for games, that debate can go on forever, some one just left a post a couple of days ago, about what's your favorite games. check out that thread and use that to see what most people like. The only problem with games is there are so many different genres; action, roleplaying, word, strategy, & etc. What kind of games do you like.

    Once again........WELCOME
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    Originally posted by In Living Color
    4. The only password app I have tried is E-Wallet, being it's the only one I've tried I can't say that it is the best, but it's alright.
    although i mentioned it in my initial post to the thread, i'll suggest again that people check out Gridlock ( though it is not a program that will store your passwords and such, it is a security program that kicks ****.

    it is active as soon as you turn on your visor (there are ways of manipulating when it comes on). so, essentially, it's one program protecting ALL of your visors content. you won't have to worry about your passwords, bank info, contact info, or that your kid will delete the high scores in bejewelled.

    i found the program when searching for a password app, but am very glad i found this instead.

    oh, and i forgot to mention another app in my list of apps. i personally have no use for it but you might:

    idea pad ( it's a flowcharting program. pretty neat for those who need flowcharts. very simple to use.


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    Thanks for the welcome and all the nifty suggestions. I can see I'm going to be downloading files and playing with my Neo for a long time to see what I like!

    I did find a nifty place that has lots of software, Stand Alone, Inc... they have a CD with all their software in 30 day trial versions for $5 and you get a $5 credit on your first order, so I ordered it to save from downloading all that stuff.

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    Ok my advice is to try every software you can...Almost all have free trials, except a few, which I wouldn't buy anyway....**** here is what I fits my personal style

    I order of PIMPED-OUT-ABLITY

    1. Palmasutra (free) it speaks for itself

    2. Avantgo (free) it keeps me one up on all the misinformed people in my Classes. Teacher actually thinks I am smart.

    3. Vindigo (free) if you live in one of the US cities or plan on traveling to one itís awesome. I rely on this one the most. Movie times restaurant reviews, clubs and directions to them with maps!!

    4. Adobe acrobat for the Palm OS (free) Its a great PDF reader..and great for ebooks in pdf format. I am reading "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. And a whole bunch of his lectures, plus allot of chapters of my textbooks.

    5. CSpotRun (free) My personal favorite Ebook or .doc reader. Check out they have A LOT of free books to read. There is a lot more free ebook websites. Just ask and the Visorcentral community will tell ya. WE's a bunch of kool's people's

    6. Wordsmith ($29.99) I tried all the wordprocessors and this is the best for taking notes in class. I tried Docs To Go Pro, **** I just don't want to spend $70 for a PowerPoint viewer and Spreadsheet that I wonít use. Even though in my Accounting class I would use it, **** I just cant seem to be productive on my Edge with spreadsheets

    7. DiddleBug (free) A free BugMe app. Well its good when I need to draw stuff the Professor draws on the Board.

    8. HandyShopper 2.1 (free) well itís a great database for X-Mas list, Grocery list or any shopping list.

    9. FireViewer (free) I keep all my pics of my family and girlfriend and dirty pics tooo Not of my girlfriend..she wont let me

    10. Minipolis ($12.95) Its the monopoly game on your Palm!!!!! I am an Monopoly addict. It the only game I keep on my Internal memory. I don't like have games to distracting from my studying.

    11. Your Mom (free) its just MOMMA joke app., to give me laugh if I feel down

    Well I wish Fun and luck with your PDA, and I welcome you to this board. s a great database for X-Mas list, Grocery list, or any shopping list
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    While most people have covered all the bases I would recommend you check out Secret!. It is basically a encrypted notepad so you can use if for more than just passwords. I use it for all my passwords and private information since I don't trust the privacy setting that much.
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    I use Listmaker, which is found here. It now has a companion desktop edition, so you can input lists via your new PDA or computer.

    I use it for many projects at work and (currently) for keeping track of my Christmas shopping.

    Welcome to VisorCentral!
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    Welcome Dana!

    I will strongly second the recommendations for HandyShopper 2, WordSmith, CSpotRun and DiddleBug!

    I would also add:
    • DayNotez - a journal-type program ($14.95 or thereabouts) from
    • HappyDays - for tracking birthdays (free download from PalmGear.)
    • MyCheckbook - for expense tracking. You can export from this to a ".qif" file to import into quicken. (free download from PalmGear.)

    Have fun!
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    I've already registered Wordsmith... keeps me from having to spent $79 or so for Documents to Go because I only use Word. Handyshopper 2 seems to be something I will use a lot. This way I don't have to wrestle with a stupid piece of paper for a shopping list that seems to get misplaced all the time!

    Thanks for the suggestions again, and I'll be checking out all the links!

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    Let me recommend SplashID for your passwords. At least check
    it out and their other software.
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    If you like RPGs, you have to get the full version of Ancient Red. It is a Diablo style game with great color graphics.

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