I've been using MSMount on my CLIE 710/760 for months with no problems. Recently (after installing v1.02??) My hotsyncs are failing with a fatal error (requiring a soft reset) backing up MSDW which is part of MSMount. Basically it is trying to backup files in the MSMount directory on the MS (which it should not be doing) and failing.

I have excluded MSDW, MSDWAppList, MSMount , and MSMount Heap in BackupBuddy. I have unchecked 'Backup applications and data on expansion cards' in BackupBuddy. I have also
confirmed that 'Disable During Hotsync' is checked and that Hotsync is in the list of excluded apps in MSMount. The only way I can get a hotsync to succeed is by manually disabling MSMount before the hotsync or by removing the MS before the hotsync.
Actually another thing that works is if I disable MSMount then delete MSMount Heap and MSDW AppList then re-enable MSMount. That works for one sync only then I'm back where I started.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.