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  • SilverScreen

    17 14.41%
  • HandScape

    0 0%
  • Launch Em

    11 9.32%
  • Launcher III

    58 49.15%
  • Launch Pad

    0 0%
  • MegaLauncher

    12 10.17%
  • File Point

    0 0%
  • GoBar

    2 1.69%
  • I do not use an app launcher

    12 10.17%
  • Launcher X

    6 5.08%
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    Originally posted by In Living Color

    Hey guys after all of your divine knowledge. Have decided to go with Launcher III. I haven't used it before but you have pursuaded me. Guess I'll be saying good bye to silver screen. At Least until they come out with springboard support. They confirmed in an email that they are working on it. One Question, Is there a way I can get one version of Launcher III older then 3.0. You know one of the freeware versions?

    I wrote the makers of silverscreen about springboard support as well. Try to beam a file from a springboard in silverscreen you can't. Megalauncher works nice that's what I use. I cannot get launcher III working on my prism.
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    What error comes up when you try to use Launcher III? I have been using version 3.0.5 on my Prism since April. It works fine with my MemPlug CF.
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