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    When I Hot Sync from 755p to PC, all pics from device are usually saved to My Documents\Palm OS Desktop\755p\Photos\BackupForInternal\Palm so I typically delete the pics from device because all new pics are added to any that were saved previously to PC and I have all pics I ever took. Unfortunately, I do not have memory card and did not back up the pics from PC to disk.

    Today, I Hot Sync and the new pics that were on my device were saved to PC as usual but this time all pics that were saved previously to PC were erased.

    How can I get these erased pics back?
    Will system restore (Windows XP) to point prior to last hot sync work?

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    Sounds like you changed your hotsync conduit to 'device overwrites PC.' No idea if the system restore will work tho, I'm a Mac
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    I don't believe I did anything different than I have in the past, that's what's disturbing.
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    First, check post #3 here. That will allow you to see if your Pics & Videos is set to 'handheld overwrites desktop' or not. Sounds like you'd prefer it set to 'syncronize' (I believe that's what it's called).

    If it's already set to sync, do a trial run.. delete all the pics you've already hotsynced, take some new ones, then Hotsync again. Something may have been corrupt & you might as well delete the Pics & Videos Prefs Database now, since you don't have much to lose.
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    Everything is set to "Synchronize the files"...
    What are the chances that doing a system restore recovering to an earlier point will recover the images to Palm Desktop?
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    Someone else will have to help you there.. I assume it should work fine, but like I said- I'm not a PC user.

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