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    Saturday my Centro went totally out to lunch. First it started completing calls but passing no audio, a few minutes later it started into a strange loop of trying to repeatedly hotsync though there was nothing connected to it. I pulled the battery to reboot and when I put it back in, the LED would blink red once after a few seconds, but the phone wouldn't do anything else (looked totally dead).

    I found a nearby verizon store and they agreed that it was dead and needed to be replaced. Luckily my year warranty expired the 30th of this month, so it was just barely under warranty. As it turned out, the store didn't have any centros to give me and couldn't find any at any store in the region. They said they'd have to have one shipped to me... but when they tried setting that up the central warehouse or whatever also indicated none available.

    After an hour and a half in the store with the rep calling their support people and being put on hold 4 times, they finally determined that it's no longer available and they'd have to give me another phone. There are currently NO palm phones available from Verizon. They gave me an HTC Ozone.

    I have never owned and never particularly liked a windows mobile phone, but I needed a phone for the weekend. I told them a story (which was true) that I was running a 3rd party app on my centro (chattermail) that was required to get around draconian firewall policies for my work email. (I use the chattermail OWA plugin). They told me if I couldn't get the Ozone to work that I could exchange it for some other smartphone. When I also complained that none of my batteries or accessories would work now, they agreed to exchange the treo car charger I had in the car for a new one compatible with the HTC phone.

    Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up.
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    FYI - I just got 1 last week as a replacement to my locked up Centro. It is a refurb but seems OK. Rumor has it that the new Pre will be offered by Verizon in Jan. so I'm sure they are clearing their shelves.
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    You can still buy one from the Palm site for $349. Not sure if they have them in stock though (quoting 7-10 business days).

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