This will be my first time Posting a pole, So Hopefully I will do it right

I know this has probably been posted numerous times, but I'm going to ask it one more time. Which office suite is the best? I know the majority of you seem to be Die-Hard Wordsmith fans and some our Tiny Sheets maniacs. I haven't had my visor for a very long time, but long enough to know what I'm doing, but this is always one spot I get stuck. I'm begging for your input... honest input. Please don't be loyal or biased to your favorite app. Just the facts.
WordSmith - Speaking of facts, I download Wordsmith last week for a demo and palmgear and (do I dare say it) I didn't like it. But with all the talk I was surprised at what I got and expected a lot more. The fonts were very blurry and hard to read. I didn't see all the features that everyone was talking about. Maybe because I don't use a keyboard. Some please tell me my first impressions was wrong and maybe I'll download it again.
Tiny Sheets - I haven't tried yet, but I hear good things about it. but I heard good things about Wordsworth to though.
Quick Office - Now I currently have this on my visor and I like Quick Word, especially since it's the only apps that I have been able to find out how to insert bullets using the graffiti. (I don't have any kind of keyboard) What I really like about Quick Office is that it is a complete office solutions...almost. The spread sheets I had a couple of problems with. It wouldn't display all of the spread sheets correctly that was imported from my desktop.
Documents to Go - Now I have used this for quite some time and so far I love it. I can use bullets in word docs that already have them in the doc when it was created on my desktop, but I can't initiate them on the visor. The spreadsheets I haven't had any problems with at all. So far Docs2Go has given me the least of problems, but still it leaves something to be desired; can't quite place my finger on it. Plus like I said earlier it is a complete Office suite. Being able to view slide shows is a benefit but not a necessity for me.
With all these choices to include the ones I haven't mentioned and/or don't know about... one can get frustrated trying to find the best office solution.
So I come to you all and will appreciate you honest input. Thank you all very much in advance.

PS. Sorry for the long post, it was not intended to be that long.