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    which is better, 4.0student or Gradepoint?

    4.0student is $19.99 expensive for a student

    gradepoint is free. Still expensive for a student

    so if anyone has opinions, i would love the help.
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    "free" is expensive? I think you better take economics again.
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    "free" is expensive? I think you better take economics again.

    I think that was a joke, Yorick.

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    I have been using 4.0Student this school year. I have had no problems with it. If I hadn't already spent 20 bucks on 4.0Student, Gradepoint would definitely look like a great, and free, alternative. With 4.0Student you can sort assignments by date and by class, plus it allows you to figure out what you need to get on certain assignments to get an A. Plus you can export assignments to the to do list and datebook where I can set alarms to them via Datebk4.

    If you don't mind spending the 20 dollars, get 4.0Student. I highly recommend it. If money is tight or you just want to spend it on a game (or to get Wordsmith if you don't have it), get Gradepoint.

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