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    My Centro is hard to hear when listening to MP3 or speaker phone. Any free aps to up the volume?
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    I know VolumeCare and Phone Technician can boost the earpiece volume.. not sure if they can control the loud speaker as well, but there's a place to start. Are you also aware that pTunes has a Volume Boost option in the General Preferences Menu?
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    @hotkey - I think when I turn down the call volume on a call it effects the speaker volume for pTunes even at full program volume. I do 2 things via a call out which fix it every time.

    1 - call, put volume up before connection then volume up during ring, then call up on answer.
    2 - same as previous but with the speaker phone on.

    I use my services account free call service to do this and it seems to fix it every time. Kind of annoying but it works.

    Dropped the Centro fstop?
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    Dropped the Centro fstop?
    Oh yes, for over a month now. Very pleased with my upgrade to the 755p

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